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                                               MOVING TERMS
1.Only items in sealed boxes can be moved by Apartment Movers.You should consider moving Fragile and Valuable items yourself. If this is not possible, please label boxes accordingly and inform the movers of these items. Please ask for special arrangements if necessary.
2. Please be as accurate as possible If your move is priced according to the points/ inventory. Movers will verify the inventory and charge you for any additional items. You can change your inventory up until the day before your move without penalty. Simply call our office during normal working hours and your quote will be adjusted accordingly. Items added the day of the move will incur additional charges. No reductions or credit will be given for fewer items the day of the move. We will also charge extra if the Customer failed to inform us of which floor the move originates or designates.
3. The Movers carry few tools Anything needing to be disassembled or disconnected (except for bed frames only) must be ready before the movers arrive. For an additional charge of $22.00 per ½ hour, your movers will provide this service if possible. Any specialty tools required for the move should be provided by the customer. Items that are not ready or if movers are unable to perform the service will be excluded from the move and no refund will be given.
4. Appliances Our services do not include disconnect or installation of articles secured to the premises, such as washer/dryer, refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher, etc. We recommend that you seek a plumbing or electrical professional prior to the movers arrival. Any assistance we give is as a courtesy and a waiver of liability will need to be signed by the customer.
5. Traffic, Weather, ETC. Please allow 1 hour on each side of the scheduled move to allow for these variables. The schedule should be considered firm but is subject to certain conditions, availability of crews and equipment.
6. Control your move The customer or their representative must be present during the move and final "walkthroughs"
7. Apartment Movers reserves the right not to move any item or all items not properly listed under the following conditions: (1) If we were not informed of furniture with marble, glass, stone tops, extremely heavy TV consoles, or any other items that requires special handling that should have been disclosed during the quoting process. (2) If items cannot be moved safely in their present condition. (3) If items do not fit through doorways.

                                           Moving Agreement

All Charges must be paid before delivery and completion of Move.
The person(s) being moved hereby designates Apartment Movers of Florida to act as their agent to accomplish the preceding described move using the movers (Independent Contractor's) best judgment at the discretion of the person being moved. The mover hereby accepts the responsibility for accidental damage and the loss of the person(s) property being moved as follows: Both parties hereby designate an agreed value of 60¢ per pound per article with this being the only settlement for damage or loss. Both parties expressly claim and exclude liability for wear from normal use, adjustments, consumables, or expendable items, loss of revenue, infestation, damage from road hazards and accidents, fire and acts of God including, but not limited to rain, wind, flood, hail, sun damage and damage caused by improper packing, and any other economic or moral loss or direct, immediate special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. No liability shall be provided for mechanical or electrical items unless evidenced by external damage to such items. If any of our customers receive any kind of injuries that are in any way related to the moving (regardless of time of the incident: prior, during or after the move), we are not and cannot be held liable for such.

Note: Agreed liability of .60 cents per pound per article. Ready to Assemble (RTA) furniture will be moved at owner's risk.

Claims not made within 7 days in writing to the company's office are null and void. Apartment Movers reserves the right to refuse to move such items that do not meet the conditions in terms 1 – 7 listed above. Movers are not liable for items left inside furniture. Movers are not responsible or assume any liability for items which are loaded into the customer's truck or container. The person(s) being moved agrees to protect and defend and hold the company harmless for damages or legal consequences resulting from acts the movers perform at the direction of the person(s) being moved. If during loading or unloading we receive a parking ticket, the customer is obligated to reimburse us the entire amount stated on the ticket.


It is agreed that the company shall have a general lien upon any and all property deposited with it or hereafter deposited with it. If the customer refuses to pay for the services, we reserve the right to transfer all goods to our own designated storage. In that case the customer will be responsible for all prior, and future hours worked, packing material, storage fees and auction fees if needed. If Apartment Movers is required to take any legal action in effort to collect any outstanding debt arising
from this agreement, the customer will be responsible for reasonable attorneys fees, interest, cost (including court cost), expenses and collection fees. It is also agreed between the parties that should any controversy or claim regarding this contract or breach thereof be done so in arbitration with the laws of Seminole County,Florida.
The person(s) being moved acknowledges the inherent risk of moving and will expect and look to their insurance company to provide additional coverage against loss or damage. Customers may, at their cost purchase a moving insurance policy from several carriers licensed to provide this type of coverage.

If any portion of this agreement is held invalid then all other portions shall remain in full force as a total agreement. Any warranties, agreements or claims made verbally are excluded and this agreement supersedes all other agreements and represents the total agreement between the two parties.

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"Robert and Brandon did a great job. We needed to move furniture from a few rooms into our garage and other parts of the house. They gave us a call when they were on their way, arrived on time, and we're very professional and courteous. Would definitely use them again."




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